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Virus Removal

The service we excel at the most at Sarver Computing is virus removal. Some companies will reload your operating system to recover from a virus or malware infection. This is not removing a virus, this is starting from scratch. What this means is, you will have to reload all your programs, for example, Microsoft Office, ITunes, games and so forth. You can lose your data (documents, music, pictures) if they do not back up and recover your files properly. When you get your pc back none of your settings will be available. You will have to reconfigure Windows and add favorites, printers, hardware all over again. This is a lot of work and very frustrating to the customer.

At Sarver Computing we CLEAN and REMOVE any malicious software from your computer. The reason why others do not like to use this method is because it is not an easy process. Some shops may not even know how or spend the time to do it correctly. We will guarantee the computer is clean and will operate at its optimal performance capability.

Virus removal can range from a couple hours to several or many hours of labor. Another reason some shops do not like to deal with virus removal. At Sarver Computing, we will remove the virus for a flat charge of $135.00 no matter how long it takes us to clean the infections from the PC. We also return your pc to you in a couple days, in some cases the next day. You will not be without your pc for weeks. Below is what is included in our virus removal service.

  1. Scan for malware and remove
  2. Scan for virus's and remove
  3. Update and fix existing Antivirus Program (if installed)
  4. If an Antivirus Program is not installed, we provide AVG, which is one of the best on the market
  5. Install malware scanner to help prevent future infections.
  6. PC tune up which includes
    1. Cleaning disk of unneeded temporary files
    2. Defragmenting hard drive
    3. Uninstalling unneeded software that slows pc's down
    4. Stopping unnecessary programs from running at startup
    5. Disabling any add-ons in Internet Explorer that may hinder performance

If you feel your pc has been infected with a virus or malware, call us at 302-999-7543 or email us at today for quick service!

Note: 9 times out of 10 we can remove infections, but there are rare cases where the operating system will need to be reinstalled. We do backup all data and restore in these cases.

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